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  1. Maligatenna Wewa Project
    Maligatenna Wewa constructed by the Viceroy Kumaradasa who ruled the Uva Province in the past had been abandoned for a long time and various parties repaired it but the people could not use its water . Therefore under the direction of Divisional Secretariat, Hali Ela this tank was reconstructed by the office of the Provincial Director (Mechanical) very successfully.

  2. Contribution towards “Deyata Kirula” Exhibitions
    A model of a steam Road Roller manufactured by our department was exhibited in “Deyata Kirula” exhibition held at the Bandaranayaka Memorial International Conference hall in Colombo in February 2009 and this model was telecast by “Atapattama” program of the Independent Television Network in 2009.

  3. Institute for Training Heavy Vehicle Operators at Uva Vellassa.
    As there was a heavy demand for operators of heavy vehicles and machinery both at provincial and national level, our department has taken steps to establish a Training Institute for operators of heavy vehicle and machinery in the year 2010. This training institutes as it imparted very systematic technical knowledge too to the trainees besides operating the vehicle or machine.

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