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  • When a vehicle or machine is required for private purpose, the provincial Director (Mechanical) should be requested by a letter or by a telephone call.
  • Then the respective officers will make inquiries about the place at which the vehicles or the machine is to be used by visiting the place personally it is deemed necessary and the department will make a decision about the possibility of providing the machine or vehicles.
  • If the department decides to give the machine or the vehicle the applicant concerned should pay the money to the department and obtain a receipt.
  • When the receipt concerned is given to the Vehicle Hiring Division, the vehicle or the machine can be obtained for the required number of days.
  • The vehicle or the machine is given on hire on condition that hirer should provide the fuel.
  • Transport of the machine or the vehicle , if required (taking away and bringing back) shall be at the expense of the hirer.
  • Please see machines and Vehicles for fees.

  • Please see under “Machines and Vehicles” under which these particulars are given.

  • The institution / department / ministry or office should first write a letter giving details of repairs to the Vehicle Repair Unit or Provincial Director (Mechanical) Through Head of the Institution concerned.
  • In reply to this letter certain terms will be submitted and if the institution agrees to the terms, the vehicle will be repaired using only the spares provided by the vehicle owning institution and a bill will be issued for the service charges.
  • If repairs are done at the technical division of the office of the Provincial Director (Mechanical) at Kahagolla spares can be made available by the institution concerned or even the Provincial Directors office can make use of its own spares.
  • If the spares are made available by the institution concerned charges will be made for the repairs only. If spares of Provincial Director’s Office are used charges will be for both-spares and repairs.
  • A bill will be issued for the charge and that will be the final step of the repairing process.

  • The Institution / Department / Ministry or office which required servicing of its vehicle should make a written request to the Vehicle Servicing Unit to the Provincial Director’s Office (Mechanical) through the head of the vehicle owning institution.
  • In reply to this letter, terms will be submitted and if the respective institution agrees to such terms, the Vehicle Servicing Station will attend to the servicing of the vehicle using necessary spares by that station. A bill for the servicing, spares used and lubricating oil will be issued which is the final step of the servicing procedure.
  • At present servicing of vehicle of the Private Sector is not undertaken.

  • For the purpose of examination of a vehicle that belongs to any institution / Department / Ministry or office, a written request should be addressed to he vehicle Maintenance Unit or to the office of the Provincial Director (Mechanical).
  • Then the vehicle will be examined and necessary recommendation will be submitted.
  • A bill for a fee of Rs.200.00 will be submitted thereafter with which the examination process will end.

  • During the lost week of October every year applications for registration of suppliers for the next years are called for by a press advertisement published in the week day and Week end Sinhala and English newspapers.

  • Those who wish to obtain a Fitness certificate for a vehicle should bring the vehicle to the Department and a printed form issued by the department should be submitted duly perfected.
  • The department will examine the vehicle and the Fitness certificates and other additional certificates will be issued in terms of the Motor Traffic Act. For this purpose a sum of Rs. 250.00 should be paid to the department for which a receipt will be issued.

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